I have just opened my store to the public on the internet. It is called ArtBox Studio Store, and there is a link on the menu at the top of this page, directly underneath the Twelfth Mansion Media logo.  Please check out the selection of artwork for sale.  I sell paintings and prints, as well as digital assets.  Please bookmark it and come back often.

Welcome to Twelfth Mansion Media’s Blog, to all of you readers.  I believe everyone is a reader and wants to be informed. Each of you is a reader of mine, a netizen reader.  You are each a reader for your own reasons, with your own ideas and vision. You can become whoever you want to be, as a reader of mine.  My goal is to write myself futilely attempting to impress my readers.  I hope you can enjoy these writings.  In fact, I hope to put these writings into your hands in a form that can be translated and shared with you, held close to your heart, and passed on to those you care most about.  Please share this work with your friends, and maybe that will be the way for those close to your heart to care for you too.

This site is a showing of my curated content, diverse arts, philosophical, and science related media that I believe will be of interest to you in your search for another point of view. I think you will want me to post only the most relevant work that I do to a blog styled website.  It is so much simpler, direct, and personal, than the traditional business website.

There is information about mental illness in the articles and materials here, and it is always presented in from the perspective offered by psychology and psychiatry.  None of this material is advice, and none of it intends to counter any acceptable practice of counseling or any psychotherapists’ advice.  I have my share of issues, and I hope you can use the knowledge of this blog to help you with whatever you are encountering on your path through existence at this time.

Twelfth Mansion Media is a sole proprietorship in Nebraska, owned and operated by Scott McLay Forbes, who acts as the editor in chief of the company.

Feel free to contact me. Whatever it is that you need from me, the best way to get it is to contact me directly via email.

I’ve read a lot of advice on getting visitors to an arts website to click on buttons that charge money in exchange for artwork. While I think you might be interested in ordering prints, I do not have the delivery system required to sell prints online. The next best thing is to become a subscriber to my newsletter, so that you can receive notices of new content, and buying options. Please type in your email address on the link at the bottom of the page.

If you can’t subscribe to my newsletter, there is the following information:

I offer a range of graphic design services, and can make photo-quality prints of any art piece that you see on this site.  I charge on a per hour basis for any web design consultancy or image making that you need.  My fee is $20.00 per hour.  I am a portrait artist, and if you have a photo that I can use for reference, I can make paintings or drawings in any medium of the person specified. I cannot sit down and do a portrait from life, unless you live in the Omaha metro area.  You can hire me for any project that involves fine art, graphic design, or web publishing.  Check my contact page for ways to get in touch.

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  1. Cool logo! As a calligrapher, I find it especially attractive and compelling. I love your website and your ethos, Scott!

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