A Moral Choice

I’m opposed to the group known as the Jehovah’s Witnesses.  They have a doctrine that opposes spiritual principles that everyone can discover in any translation of the Bible. Their Bible, called “Holy Scriptures,” involves a paradigm that involves a select group of people peddling their social influence. Using their version of the Bible, they aggressively and unduly influence society as if they were the judges sent from Jehovah to show people the rules in their books and leaflets that they are ordained to follow.  “Do as we say, and cast sinners away.” Sinners are those who are Christians by the NIV Bible, believing in free will.  Jesus gave us principles that anyone could discover just trying to write something, or think something, about a way of living truthfully.

When a specified group controls opinion and dissidence, expect slavery.  And I don’t refer to slavery as a bond of voluntary servitude to Jesus Christ. I’m referring to slavery to linear print goggles, and being brainwashed by media trash. Until this group reconciles their opinions as something less than Jehovah’s True Facts, they will take the place of a higher power or superior person. They will hold themselves to a standard that not everyone can follow.  They do not let the sinners seek salvation on their own.

I admit that I’m a quantum Christian.  I’m versed somewhat in the new physics of uncertainty and error.  I admit that this world is hopelessly fallen, but I believe that following the set of rules that are part of the social influence wielded by the Jehovah’s Witnesses, will not yield a heart of truth, and will not lend God’s grace to reconcile our debts and sins.  How can God forgive sins without a real sacrifice?  The sacrifice of Christ was total and ongoing.  He forgave everybody.  Maybe you’re willing to read his story.  Please don’t use the New World Translation of the Bible if you seek a relationship with Jesus that includes his divinity, the Triune Godhead, or free will. The Jehovah’s Witnesses apparently believe that predestination makes some people choose not to follow Jehovah, and join their group.  When they use the word “Jehovah,” they mean something like “serve the will of Allah, by our social influence. Do not question anything outside of our books and leaflets.” They do not mean the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

This is my opinion. I know not everyone will agree. I hope this is useful at providing context for a reexamination of these issues, by different people, both pastor and the lay public. I’m trying to be helpful at preventing people from not being able to identify their logical fallacies and covert agenda. It pays to be paranoid with the Jehovah Witnesses.  I think that is a normal response to their total lack of love for all of humanity.