Mighty Man

Mighty Man

A Comedy of Turns

by Scott McLay Forbes

The story is one of promise and serious work.  All good people will know why.  That we don’t know why won’t matter.  It is a promise of fortune to those who work.  Things will get better and better.  You’ll see.

The last link the long chain of evolving rock styles has brought us to this point.  At long last, the final and the best producer of rock and roll, The Rebus!

News reporter: Who is the best singer of all time?

Mr. Robert Zimwig: The Rebus, without a doubt.

News Reporter: Then who is the second best?

Mr. Robert Zimwig: Still it’s The Rebus.

As you can see, the music appreciation of the public has gone into fever pitch, as the rock band The Rebus moves over the face of the waters, dividing land from sea, and creating mountains and oceans before finally on the seventh day, resting.

News reporter: How are you and the band doing?

Mr. Jamison Reilly, lead singer of The Rebus: Well, we had to speak the universe into existence, so we’re really tired.  We decided that this is what we’re going to call “The Sabbath.”  And we saw that it was good.  So we’re going to take the time to rest.

And the band has made its transition into the public eye as it walks on further than most bands do.  All the way to the ocean and back.

News reporter:  How was your trip to the ocean?

Mr. Nexxum Haywire, lead guitarist for The Rebus: We just got up and left Portland, and we walked along the highway all the way to the ocean town of Seaside.  We stopped for water and food, but mostly, it was just like taking a really really long break from work.  Except that we love what we do, so it doesn’t count as real work.  At least that is what my mother told me.