The Art Portfolio

All of these pieces are photos of the originals which were made by Scott McLay Forbes.  These are all copyrighted, but if you wish to commission a piece, you can hire me.  I may require photo reference. But I’m open to any ideas.  This portfolio should give you an idea of my skill in drawing and painting.  I’ve done many new media pieces that are not here on display, as well as hundreds of sketches, thousands of works that are in an unfinished state in my sketch diaries.  If you want to look at these, I will be publishing them after digital restoration after 2017.

graffiti-futurism-one u-clown sunsetlog shadowbox second-pastel-rembrandt rampart quasiproto pride-and-prejudice_duplicate_dark_exported prairielake onetwothree foldzandura_cropped_resized_exported firstfrost first-pastel-nupastel child example_page_001 cezannestudy_cropped_resized_exported applied-textures-rocks applied-textures-fertility-carving applied-textures-drum applied-textures-cylinder