The Way, the Truth, and the Love of Life

I have followed the lunary cycles with great interest and many infatuations, and yes, with some measure of lust and inconstancies. I’ve made the overly typical error of following the ways of the world, whereas now I see the way of the moon to adhere to a basic form of a code of ethics that includes worship by the temple of  the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit called by the names of a woman’s womb. Is the moon legitimated by this sacrifice?  Everyone seems to act as if this were so.  I am a lunar soul, and I’m a being of love for all humanity.  Check this out!  You will be amazed by the amount of God’s love that is found by adhering to the lunar calendar.  You may think I’m the lunatic. You’d be right, I’m whipped on the way of the moon. – This is a video of a live version of Foreigner’s song “I want to know what love is.” This video airs it performed by Foreigner.