The Spirit of Love

The good are beholden to the real things in life.  Then they are beholden to love from God.  And this love is greater than love, it is the love that begets love, and it is the love that causes love to beget love.  God begets this love, as the love that searches the total self, searching for the truest expression of itself beyond the soul to the music of the spheres, which are beyond all reasoning.

There is a movement before truth.  In this movement we find ourselves knowing why we bear false witness, and why we protect our own truthfulness.  The human kind of truthfulness gives direction to the total self.  This begets our faith in the world of that soul which touches on all things, reveals everything we cannot see ourselves, and the fullness of this universal mystery of love.

God knows the searching heart, the love of wounds, and the reading of the soul, giving us our doubts in Him and the treasure of his mysteries.

We listen in the music of the spheres to the sounds of the Great Rhymer, who speaks the word of the good, the lyrical, and the true.

The truth of His word presents itself by the rhyme of God’s soul.  There is an ethics of the soul, which pertains to these metrical truths. The entire world is one of the rhymes of God, and the beauty of this truth is ever lasting.