Alternative Music

What is alternative music about?  What is alternative music for?

It is for the youth culture, and it is given a voice of dissent to established norms and cultural values of the preceding generation.  The alternative music gives voice to the deviance from the conventional norms governing social reality.

Sometimes I listen to alternative music, and it sounds like the songs are written from the perspective of someone believing he or she is fallen, and sinful, not self-righteous.  In this way, alternative music is about God and the nature of evil.  There are people who don’t believe that they are sinners, and who believe that God is over and above the sinful and blameworthy.

Alternative music’s values view conventional morality as an evil institution.  Evil is good, and good is evil, as in role reversal, as between saint and sinner.  What is praiseworthy is probably part of the institution, and hence probably wrong.  What is blameworthy, is viewed with suspicion by those in power, and is hence probably good.

Alternative music has themes of sexual development, and drug dependency.  The songs change the moral roles to give reign to having sex and using drugs.  These attitudes are permissive towards sexual and chemical experience.  The music supports this deviant attitude, giving permission to do wrong, under the willful belief that this would be doing good in the sinful way. Alternatives to tradition are abundant in the alternative music subcultures, giving free license to do things regarded as unconventional and extreme.