Nothingness of Mind

Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails has become popular for putting up an enormous and impenetrable wall between himself and God, when there is no need, if there really is no God. I love his music, and that is not a wall between himself and the divine love that comes from loving God.  His music seems to suggest nothingness of mind.  So here is what i think about that.

Anyone who knows nothingness of mind can die and know the afterlife.  We will all achieve potential negative nothingness of mind, in the null spaces of the afterlife.  There is apparently less than zero nothingness of mind in the null spaces.  So there is nothing there that would make a person afraid.  I think this sums up the atheist fantasy.  I think the reality is that nothingness is a transitional state, and that there is a soul that moves beyond this present darkness.  If you look at life on earth, and look for nothingness, you could find it in outer space.  If you are alive in outer space, you will see it very clearly that there is a very large universe filled with negative space.  If you can put a great distance between yourself and that space, you will find something else.  We don’t know what, so we assume there is nothing.  This reveals our fear of being alone without God.  Becoming what we love, ourselves, or God, is what determines this part of our universe.  You will drift away from the nothingness that proves the light, and you will find yourself at the other end of the universe, where something dwells beyond eternity.