Irrational Beliefs, Rational Beliefs

What does it take to be happy? Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), was developed by Dr. Albert Ellis in 1955. It has since flourished and spawned a variety of other cognitive-behavior therapies. REBT’s effectiveness, short-term nature, and low cost are

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Biases and Culture in Comics

It seems that the biases of one’s own gender, one’s own race, one’s own family upbringing, one’s own religion, one’s own political beliefs, one’s own personality and personal development, define much of what the comics one creates are about.  It

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The Grapes and the Vine

When my vine does not absorb the rain, the vine next to mine is nourished even more. When eating grapes, notice that next to that withered raisin, is a very ripe grape. God is a healthy person and an artist,

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Content to Live By

Narrative and story, myth and legend, are flawed concepts. They are a chain or are sequences of events, but not as powerful or as moving as metaphors to live by, and amplified aphorisms, together as a form of art called

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Mechanization Man versus Civilization Man

I was thinking about “mechanization man,” a type of pre-programmed cookie cutter person, just like “Sure Bob” from the hit TV show “The Tenants.”  He is the epitome of the marketing persona, the type of social mask you would need

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