Mechanization Man versus Civilization Man

I was thinking about “mechanization man,” a type of pre-programmed cookie cutter person, just like “Sure Bob” from the hit TV show “The Tenants.”  He is the epitome of the marketing persona, the type of social mask you would need to wear to sell insurance to people who don’t need it.
I think we should find ways to incorporate a liturgy of the sacred inside our daily lives, meshing this with our work lives. Either that, or we all need to use the video cameras in our phones to show each other things we need to see about each other, televising and sharing our values.
Maybe that is like sharing Pure Flix with a stranger.  I don’t know yet, but I’m probably going to have to put it all in my book on “Civilization Man.”  Because we have to choose to do good for each other based not on money, but on our daily work and the party at the end of the work week.
You can get away with it if you care about others first, televise their values, realize the work is what you do, not for money, but for an idea that you care about.  Then arrange a really sober party and include everyone.  You will cut loose, and feel that you have built your life, and you will feel truly alive for a reason that is ethical.