The Other World of the Healer

The mentally ill person became blind to a certain color, and then had corrective lenses that reflect a certain color, and have a certain tint to them, a certain color.  Then all the normal people can see that person has a disability.

Unless a wounded person wakes up to the part of the other world he has touched, as if he had touched a poisonous snake, he loses the power to refuse the rest of the journey.  He traverses its full length and finds a healer, or he bleeds to death.  I see wounded people who are scarred emotionally, refuse the first several healers that they find.  How mad to refuse even the first healer that comes upon one after being bitten by a rattlesnake!

I think there are cultural rattlesnakes, and the people that get bit are the people who don’t look for them.

If you can see someone for who they are, please tell them what they see.  You are a seer, and you are known in that way, and yes, everyone knows that is real and even “cool.”  In fact, everything that is cool is also real.  It is not commonly known, but people write false resumes.  They write down what their financial rewards have been.  Nobody likes that.  If they wrote down a list of reasons to like themselves, that would be truer in spirit.  If they wrote all the things that they did that they were proud of because it was “cool,” they would be “keeping it real.”  That is real.

Nobody is going to come up to you and reward you financially for being a daydreamer, but that is not to say that dreams are less trustworthy.  Nobody will say “here is a thousand dollars for wanting to be free.” The friends and family that believe in your career won’t always be able to support you, should you become injured.  You may need to leap for your dream, and your dream is more trustworthy than money, and will be there when you leap.  But you have to leap before you are rewarded.  That is in the nature of the dream occupation.  If you knew beforehand that you could rely on yourself, that would help.  A dream is something to live by, but few know it.  It is not the same as an impulse, it is a wish.   You wish to show people who you are, and many can see it, and will reward you, after you make the change.

If you refuse everyone who believes in your dream, and they all go home disappointed, you are wounded by this, and it impairs your ability to survive in real ways.  Our hands are not made for pleasure, they are made to fashion and use tools.  You must use your hands to hold a paintbrush, a pencil, a typing keyboard, a musical instrument, a computer mouse, in order to call your idea compensatory work.  There are few occupations that do not require tools.  There are people who see you not using the tools you have, and they won’t help you unless you use your hands to help yourself.

If you’re wondering why I’m writing this, it is because I was the fool on the hill in that Beatles song from Magical Mystery Tour.  I was stalked by a man in the Arizona desert, and I had to cross over into Mexico along the border mountains to escape his switchblade. He attempted to kill me, and I had to climb that proverbial, real, and literal mountain, in order to survive. That taught me that you can move any mountain if you have faith the size of a mustard seed.  Your mountain might be the proverbial kind, but if you don’t cross over, climb the mountain, and look at what is on the other side, you may not be able to tell the story.  And if you are able to tell your story, there I am always here waiting to listen, as are all the people who believe in you and your dream.