Why listen to the radio?

Why do people turn on the radio, instead of sitting alone in their bedroom at night?  What draws people to music halls?  Why do people wish to listen to music?

High energy dance music, high energy rock music, or electronica might elicit good results.   The audience wants to hear the musician bleed, sweat, rock out, shout, push that beat through the speakers.  It is not all about getting the audience to get out on the floor and want to dance.  It is getting the audience to realize why they are listening to the music, not being told, but being given a purpose to listen to the music.

Does the music serve the audience’s purpose? Their purpose might be the dancing, the singing along, or just blaring it for the neighbors to hear how cool they are.  But it might be to listen and gain some appreciation of what the music does to them.  It is utilitarian, in that the good of making music depends upon the soundness of its purpose for the audience.