Content to Live By

Narrative and story, myth and legend, are flawed concepts. They are a chain or are sequences of events, but not as powerful or as moving as metaphors to live by, and amplified aphorisms, together as a form of art called “control of content.”

I still feed the text machine, but I use less judgment and less criticism of what the content is supposed to be.  I don’t have to pretend to make sense. I just say what I feel like saying into the microphone, and make it fit into a two dimensional framework, like the two dimensional thinking in dreams, where there is content, but no coherent notion.

The idea of dreams being surreal forgoes the content issue completely.  Dreams are only as surreal as they are painted. It is the art of dreams that is surreal. Dreams have content that matches one’s linear intellect during the previous day.  It may seem like a story, because it is discontiguous and prone to lots of interpretation.  But dreams don’t represent a summary or a plot, they subject the observer to his own thinking, as a mirror to his mind.  This takes the form of pictures that comprise smaller segments, a spoken word with someone, a glimpse of another city, a feeling that coincides with a specific person.

All of what dreams represent has already been realized by the time one is aware of one’s own images upon awakening from a dream.

A story is a result of temporal perception, and a dream may result from temporal perception, but not in procession from a pre-arranged narrative or mythos.