Control over Terrorists, Terrorist-Control

I have exhibited and am exhibiting human and animal behavior. The thing is, so do terrorists.  Sometimes we are less human and more animal, and at other times more animal and less human.  I regard a terroristic threat, of death or the like, to be animal behavior, even knowing that terrorists when not engaging in their political preference are acting more human. Terrorists follow their pleasure, which is animal behavior, and other political groups can behave according to the reality that they encounter in their waking state, which is human behavior.  What makes a person know which they prefer, animal or human behavior?

To control terrorists, one must first have a policy of terrorist control, based on animal behavior, literally the behavior of types of animal species, compared with the analogous form of behavior of our species. A terrorist is a person that intimidates people, by animality, and often a member of a democratic group, is the type of person who is intimidated easily, and that which though fearful, is human behavior, and understandable given the circumstances of interacting with a terrorist making threats.

When an animal is threatened, it triggers a fight or flight response.  I think terrorists are intimidators, and they want to cause the fight or flight response. Behaving on their level gives them pleasure, and affords them enough of it to go on doing it, because there is no reality that intervenes.  They are not scared of tanks or guns, they are scared because they are intimidators who have overactive death drives, and have bonded their aggression within the context of parenting that encourages that form of behavior.

I think believing that terrorists are “Islamic Extremists,” is inaccurate, because that is their cover story, attempting to divert attention to their religion, instead of to their animal behavior.  Believing in their cover story makes no sense, because the reality is that this will encourage others to do that in the name of God because that is what makes Americans most intimidated.