Fit and Healthy in the Kingdom of God

People naturally begin to realize their body’s potential when they realize that fitness and health are bodily needs that God designed as our physical reality.

God has given us bodies to serve as jars of clay, vessels for the Holy Spirit inside us.

If the jar of clay is not tended with fitness and health, it will crack, and the temple God has given us for his Spirit will no longer be able to function.  We might lose our lives to lack of fitness and health. That a life and death imperative is built into our bodily functioning, means it was designed that way by God for a reason.

God wants us to seek him in all manner of good things.  Health and fitness are part of a wellness plan, as is our spirituality.  Total health and personal wellness belong to us so that we can give our full love to God with our body’s fullest potential.

If you are not seeking health and fitness, the Kingdom of God is lacking something that you can give freely.  Please allow the jar of clay that God has given for your soul and his Holy Spirit to fill you with, to fully function.  You’ll be given gifts when you do this, that you can give back to God and his church.