When Art Goes Wrong

Sometimes people create art to politically decipher people who don’t conform to their views.  They use art for more than money, the creation becomes polemical, and then aggressive towards others.  Some people believe in making art because the manifest destiny of art beyond what is normal is their goal.  They seek to make art happen to others so that others make their powerful impulses known to the artist.  And then the art can be made to control that impulse.  And so on.

The thing is, art is not a deadly game.  It is a pastime of the people.  When someone comes along who is a person of fame and fortune who uses art to gain ground politically, beware of Adolph Hitler.  The unreal can be used to change reality.  The work is good, and the people are sparse who can call that man’s game.  And then, the world is scared, and the actual artists who are not conning others are partly to blame for encouraging such acts.

Nothing is better than a real artist. Be discerning and know who it is who is the maneuverer of the game of art.

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