Means to Truth

Insanity is a myth of convention and escape from that myth. Someone is always there to say you are insane. There is always the possibility that you can’t know why you might be insane. Sometimes insanity is real.  but the escape cannot be made by the body without resulting in death or disease. Realizing insanity cannot be the excuse for its corruption by drugs. Insanity becomes a mind of truth, because of its nature as something true that guides the mind internally by unreason, which includes rational ways to discover causes of the irrational. The reality is true, and the possibilities of a truth are endless.

The belief that ends justify the means is not true, because the means are only good when guided by truth, and that results in a paradise on earth and not the destruction of the rational soul.  The pursuit of the good ends of the rational soul lead to truth and knowledge, and thus justify the good and true means to get to that end.

The insanity is the pursuit of logic by unsound means.

The sanity is unfounded truth by logical means.