Pure Science

Pure science is often used as the phallus of pure and complete knowledge.  It is a very high standard, higher than any other.  It can systematize religion.  It can criticize the church.  It can win an argument easily.  It can create a kind of home where people are self-criticized by each other.

The sciences are wonderful, in many exciting ways, creating a future for our kind in the universe.  However, people use this type of knowledge to promote their own agendas.  The people who learn it learn it well, and then when people are ignorant of such knowledge, they are criticized as people who are manipulators, when really they are lost without that knowledge.  And often, that knowledge creates a kind of barrier to such knowledge.  When people attain a status of scientist, they are once removed from the world of everyday people. I think this creates a set of rules and limits to the kind of life that can be lived locked away, working on pure science, without the right to be given credence and intellectual debate.  I’m not against scientists, because I am a scientist myself, who works with scientists in my community on psychoanalysis.  I am an analysand, who seeks to repair the damage before the divide becomes impassable, both for myself, and my loved ones.  I hope this makes some sense, because sometimes to me it sure doesn’t.