Synagogue of the Dream Navigators

God helps men navigate dreams, if only they can grasp his absolute truth and power through dreaming practices.  If there were a synagogue for such people, who are both normal and abnormal styles of deviance, hence are truly mad, people would begin to understand that they need to visit that temple so that they can learn from the kind of knowledge that such madness pertains to.

Mind-breaking someone by drawing the components of their dreams, and making a dream diagram that solves their puzzle is an activity that madness inspires.  But bone-breaking people is a trait of the normal kind of deviance.  The madwomen are not prone to that error.

The societal myth about dreams is that dreams are meaningless rubbish that occurs when the digestion is disturbed, or is the result of leaving the window open to the sounds of the street outside.  Sigmund Freud changed the world with a revolutionary book that debunks that myth, and provides a scientific framework for dream work of the psychoanalytic temperament, called The Interpretation of Dreams.

I have lucid dreams often.  Lucid dreams are often misconceived as sorcerous or controlling.  Really lucid dreams are a mirror of waking life, in a dream setting.  Also, the daily life is reciprocal with that mirror in many ways.  It develops the acumen of being in real life, but being in a dream.  It gives the dream more issues to solve on one’s own.  It helps people become aware of problems and solve them with their awareness of the dream scenario being played out.

Dreams are based on a folding mirror, a kind of Jacob’s Ladder of folding mirrors.  The focus becomes internal in a way that is real, both to oneself, and to others in real life and daily existence.

Lucid dreaming is a way out of the world of uselessness, a way to change character traits that are counter to one’s own spirituality.  Changing one’s flaws and errors becomes much simpler and more direct in a dream scenario that is so much like reality that one’s conscious mind from daily activity becomes self-aware of itself, and seeks to change the dream, not towards a selfish advantage, but towards exchanging character flaws and weaknesses for a kind of growth and recovery.  This can happen in any way that one has acquired from their walk with God, or God as he or she understands him.

I believe that lucid dreams are therapeutic, and at worst, mentally and physically harmless and benign.  Contrary to the misconceptions, lucid dreams are not for the fantasy prone. If a person changes their mind, they can change the world.  And the inverse is true.  If a person changes the social fabric in a good and healthy direction, lucid dreams become commonplace.  Dreaming practices are part of the moral advantage of clean and healthy living, really living the meaning of one’s realm of ideas.  I have never gotten lost in myself.  Lucid dreams force social change even within the dream.  They force one out of repetitive and depleting habitual fixations that alter the course of one’s path.  The reality is divided on this topic, but I for one am happy with my life, partly because I allowed myself to pursue my own dream, which led me to the precipice of that folded mirror and back again.