Theological Conceptions of God – This article is a good introduction to the various beliefs in certain religions concerning what is true about one’s beliefs about the person and the character, and the theological attributes of God.

I use the word theism in a secondary meaning that is not contemporary with the church.  Most beliefs about theism assume this means a belief in God.  To me theism pertains to any idea about God’s character regardless of whether someone believes it or not.  I do believe in Jesus Christ, which I do regard as part of my view on God’s character, but I think that certain attributes must be given to that belief in God, regardless of other people’s beliefs to the contrary.  That is because I believe that God has unlimited extension in power, presence, knowledge, and moral perfection. I regard that to a theistic view that does not have to be believed to be understood about who God is.  I thought through the Via Negativa to arrive at this position

I think divine truth exists beneath the surface of our reality in an absolute condition of the nature of our world.  I regard all truth to self-revelatory, in the sense that truth is not something in the mind, but something revealed by the mind.  I regard the truth as absolute in the form of a message to someone that cannot be silenced or suppressed, and that any message that has not been silenced or suppressed has truth about the person sending it.  The people attempting to prohibit communication are the only people who are lying to others, on the grounds that their view invalidates commonality to speech or communication between people.  I believe that some truth is revelatory, that revelation from God is true eternally, and this divine truth is absolute in spiritual principle and has the eternal character of that principle, and that the material world conforms to that principle, and not the principle changes when the world changes.

I believe that matter is a prison for the soul, and that matter is misunderstood as the nature of reality.  I believe matter as a condition of existence, but not one that was created by God.  I believe that there are celestial beings or messenger spirits that live outside of time and are not bound to exist materially only, whereas the world has fallen to a material nature because of our early rebellion against God’s grace and love.

The title of God is often bestowed on some entity or being which has been posited to have some type of divinity by many different religions and their conceptions of God.

The view I tend to regard as true of my understanding of God is the trinitarian monotheistic conception of God.  I think there are three Gods in one Godhead.  I believe that God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, and is morally perfect.  I also believe that God is outside of time and the universe, that he is certainly in heaven and can be anywhere else also.

I take a view that God has knowledge which is superior to any knowledge that can be obtained by studying scriptures or theology.  I think our attempts to label God are the result of the intentions to understand him better and are necessary to understand ourselves also.  I believe there is a difference between the human label or title of “God,” and language employed to gain an understanding, and the Being of God as something beyond our conceptions and knowledge of that Being.

I believe that God is a Supreme Being, the superior to any other in knowledge, understanding, and wisdom, and is not human, posthuman, or any other belief about abstract essence.

I believe that God interferes regularly in human affairs by invading the universe in ways that change the nature of our thinking and praying in his favor. I believe that the universe is in a struggle between forces of good and evil, and that the good has been decided by God to win by the end of time over all evil. I believe that all evil beings will eventually be redeemed by God, having been given an eternity to contemplate their future with his elect and their bride and groom, who are the persons of the God and the kingdom of God in heaven.