Inspired Mythology

I posted this in extreme haste.  I reached a point that was a crisis in faith for me, and I chose to exhibit my doubts about Jesus Christ. I was wrong.  This is an example of the kind of hubris that I exhibit when I am too full of myself, and forget about my relationship with Jesus Christ.  I humbly ask for forgiveness for my denial of God’s grace and love in my life.

I’m a scientist, and I’m a mythologist.  Religion is pre-scientific thinking about contemporary concerns.  I’ll always read the scriptures of all religions, and I’ll even read the occult and satanic verses.  The whole of religious mythology is in need of being studied and applied to the social world of today.  I’m no fool. I know there is ample religious wisdom to be discerned by reading the scriptures.  I just don’t want to make the mistake of choosing one particular tradition over another, simply because of my own choices and views.

My faith is defined as ecumenical mythology of all religions and all ways of wisdom.

All religious writings are divinely inspired mythology. They are inspired by the divine power that comes upon a person who has a divine form of madness.  Madness, in this sense, does not mean insanity, it means something like “touched with fire.” It is part of our culture and our genetic heritage, that no one can afford to disown or ignore, or treat as if it were only partly true about one’s own beliefs.

I believe that Jesus Christ, understood from a mythological perspective, claimed to be the Logos, which is the abstract reasoning principle of the universe.  Only from knowing the Logos, could one then come to God in full knowledge.

I am a madman.  By this, I do not believe madness is an all or nothing category of person regarding a single individual.  I regard madness as a behavioral class of measure that applies equally to all people, no matter what they know or believe.

Further, I am a ‘creative conservationist’ type of madman.  This is the type of madness that refers to all madmen as being “touched with fire.”  I regard fire as the emblem and symbol of the sacred idea, of the first order substance of the universe, in which all things are made and reborn, decayed and destroyed.  It is the material consummation of this pure radiant energy that all life draws from when it comes time to tell stories, enact sacred rituals and rites of passing.  It is part of the primal inchoate change inherent in all life throughout the worlds of this galaxy and beyond it.