Agent Provocateur

I’m an agent provocateur like Diogenes of Athens, the cynic, and not Diogenes Laertius.

I have to tell you that my madness is caused by my imagination, that I can plan in imagery what I want to do to “start it up,” as an agent provocateur of the arts and sciences.

The authorities have claimed that I committed treason by murdering the sanity of the nation by being involved with art and science as an agent provocateur.  This apparently does not note the full history of the agent provocateur and his method.  I think this started in the Graeco-Roman civilization as something of an imaginative part of oral culture.  The Greeks had to make their tellings and retellings of the things they want remembered part of the lives of their children.  They wanted to make drama out of life, and they succeeded in imagining their oral culture and its words and images, that would translate into plays and other sorts of music and art.  These would get passed on to the next generation.  I am probably the inheritor of that playful and satirical spirit of an age that is long past.  I think there have been others before me in Europe and Latin America.  I think that the French phrase reads “Agent Provocateur,” because in France there were similar types of players upon the public frontispiece.

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  1. When I was 15 I was introduced to the works of Socrates. The imagery
    Created by the language was wonderful. This is the memory it brings to me.

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