Pictographic Speech Perception and the Origins of Language

What is the meaning of perception? I think the meaning of perception is found in spoken rites.  When our species began to record its observations and spoken rites as stories, that began something that could have been called time by human reckoning.

Is it subject to dispute?

I think there is a material fact that has so far been undiscovered.  I think if that were discovered, it would end any and all debate on that matter.

What is the definition of time in the context of speech perception and cognitive meaning? I think time is defined by words, and numbers, and not by gazing at mirrors, or speaking in turn before the advent of pictographic speech perception.

Is perception primary, or secondary in determining cognitive meaning?  I think perception predates almost all rock carving or predatory speech, in turn with a pictorial memory.

Is there a unit of perception as a number, word, image or sound? Is it having command over such units?  Is it a perceptual unit of speech?  Is it an alphabet? Is it a syllabary?  Is it an ideographic orthography?

Is pictographic speech representative of the origin of words and their perceptual origin?  Was that origin of pictographic speech origins dependent upon some material purpose or category itself? Is an alphabet a form of pictographic speech?  Is the alphabet representative of the material purpose of speech made mnemonic? Was there a beginning word?  Was it “God?”  Was it a picture word?  Was it a word picture?  Was it real?  Was it material as depiction of God’s purposes?  Did language begin with God’s purposes?

Was there a hierarchy of purposes that were material and which conveyed the origin of pictographic speech perception?  Was visual speech perception the origin of logic?  What were the purposes of pictographic speech perception?  Was a material perception the beginning of speech?  Were the rites of the burial and memorialization of the ancestral dead the origin of pictographic speech perception?

Did a belief in the memorial God predate burial rites and technology?  Did a belief in the memoriam of eternity in the Sun predate pictographic speech perception? Did art begin with the word of God?

Is the basis for speech and writing the predatory rites of early humanity, when people began to prey upon each other in words?