Creativity is Built into Language

I think that creativity is built into language.  The way it seems to work it that the meaning is not in the parts, or the story, it is in the reader’s imagination.  The idea is to give a guided dream to the reader, a tour of their own imaginary world.  You think “I’ve got to show her this world where this is true, and how that is true, why it is true, where and when this occurs to her, and what the journey feels like.  I can give her the meaning, but she would prefer to infer it from the dynamism of the journey through the book.”

I think that language or pictures don’t tell the story.  I think it is something bigger than the person’s mind.  It is a telling that, when compared with a reader’s life, makes that world different in ways that change the meaning of the reader’s life story, or script inside their mind.  It turns in a new direction.  It supercharges some parts with portent, and grand symmetries, while de-emphasizing the parts of the world that one might normally attribute greater weight to.  You can change things in a story that cannot be changed through sense experience.  That is where the mind of the reader goes to work while doing the imagining.