Generation X: Our love for the Greatest Generation

Generation X inherited the Greatest Generation’s contempt for nihilism and altered states.  We are forced into irony, which for us is a necessity because it is our way of being forced to say mean things in really nice ways, intentionally, to those who lack the capacity to receive love from us in the way we originally foresaw the need to arise in our families’ homes growing up. I guess I could paint some ink blotches of pure meaning, and drug intensity, but will the Greatest Generation be able to reinvent itself to receive this as love?  I think so.

I think ontological metaphor is always truthful.  If you reject your own lies, and do not want your children to believe the lies that you tell them and the rest of the world, tell people that you can accept this as a fact to start with.  Then you won’t be a creature of comfort.  You’ll be a person endowed with meaning and truth, capable of any feat that is extraordinarily up to you.  You can do it.  I’ve done it.  Countless thousands of us have done it.  It is an act of courage to accept truth as a prerequisite for greatness.