The Remembrance – Anvil by Lorn

Lorn made an animated video called “Anvil.”

I’ve here attempted to render it as completely as possible in the form of a guided dream.

A woman walks to the door, in a lonely and dark corridor, guarding the chamber which houses the infrastructure responsible for the cataloguing and retaining of all genetic information, including memory, dreams, desires, and, some would say, the imprint of the soul.

She sits down in the retraction chair.  Cords come up from the housing at the level of the floor, and attach themselves, guided by mechanics, to her body, in the locations that is required for full extraction of her humors and the life essence inside her body.

She enters slumber, while the machines process all of the totality of information that constitutes her life as she had lived it.  While she sleeps, she begins to dream of the world disintegrating, along with her body’s disembowelment into the machines.  The dream changes, as the information of her essence is processed into life memories, the part of her that is aware, her consciousness.

The consciousness and essence of her soul is captured in the memory chamber that she had sat in, while she is disemboweled.  She completes the process, and the dream ends.  The machines label an urn, which instead of containing her body, contains all of who she was.  It contains her essence and soul, as contained within her genetic memory.  The urn, once labeled with her name, face, and burial information, is placed by a robotic arm into the registry of urns, with all the rest of those who volunteered for interment in this place of burial and birth, the genetic imprint chamber.  No one is there to note her passing.  No one will ever know what is in that urn, but perhaps she will be preserved for posterity, her mortality might be remembered.  She might then live on.