The Material and Perceptual in Experience

The essence and the phallus have material-perceptual existence from the personal unconscious mind’s archetypes, personas, and personalities. These are perceptual projective contents in dreams.  The material and perceptual basis for the visual-auditory imago separate and alternate in types of madness.  There is an independent perception for every aspect of material existence as a type of hallucinated dream-real time and space.  Or so I think now.

I think this is entirely due to disturbances in the personal unconscious versus unconscious mind.  The unconscious mind is aware of perception primarily.  The conscious mind is aware of matter primarily.  When the unconscious mind is called on to supply information about the material aspects of the environment, there may be a type of conniption that alters the perception of the senses, creating a type of hallucination.  These hallucinations can affect the conscious mind, being projections of perception primarily onto matter.

The perceptual and the material are the two primary classes of experience. They can alter each other in ways that are dreamlike, hence also seemingly real and even based off of real aspects of awareness and material forms.