Towards Free Engagement in Ideas about Myself and the World

Free engagement is doing things that are uninteresting, but beneficial and helpful to others.  To problem solve ways to use my interest in cultivating a sense of adventure from boredom, and not interest as an escape from boredom. Free engagement is doing something unpleasant, and making it count for the other person.  the freedom is in the voluntary servitude in exchange for someone else’s freedom.  to work hard just so that someone else can prosper. to exchange places in lieu of favor to others at the sacrifices of self.  Selflessness is service.

Hubris is a guide toward what not to do to be free.  it is honorable to do service based on rules against one’s own disservice.

Philosophy of mind theorizes about the mind body problem and other problems of what constitutes the mind.

Philosophy of psychology theorizes about the problems related to theories of psychological concepts and other ideas that relate to different movements in psychology and philosophy.

Intellect to some is the range of ideas and concepts, but to me, a broader definition could be what the mind can do as an innate faculty, and what it can contribute to the social development of the species and the individual.

Having a sick brain can be a motivating force for freedom and social justice.  It can give impetus to the belief that social justice can be applied and the world and self can be improved upon, and problems inherent in both can be solved.

Culture can act on its own, and I can act on my own, and both are independent of civilization and its ongoing historical development.

Global civilization has its own historical development as the set of ideas that act upon culture and its inherent ability to transcend its limitations that the social order represents to the individual.

A family is a group whose members are allied and affiliated with one another to share ideas and provide social support and encourage the socialization processes.