The Delusion of Telepathic Ideation and its Cause in Social Intelligence

My definition of voices is “persistent illusion of thought transference as ideation,” or it is the more basic type of “delusions of persistent telepathic ideation.”

Is the delusion of telepathy preventing advancement of intellect in thinking, by preoccupation with voices, when they can merely be tuned out? I think that the delusion of telepathy is widespread, and dangerous. I think though that it should be understood that if a person is hearing voices, and has the delusion that each voice is a distinct and separate person, that this signifies a significant advantage in having that type of verbal intelligence, instead of an intellectual intelligence. I think to advance that intelligence and forsaking thinking, is a huge mistake, though. The person needs to see through their real self, and accept that while they are hearing these voices, they are to profit from knowing that those voices are pretenders, ghosts of themselves, possibly ghosts of other people in their dreams, archetypal Gods and heroes of myth, threshold demons, threshold guardians, imago of family members, their own projections, society’s authorities, and the personality types belonging to common man and woman. I think it would be less than ideal to deny voices. If it could be erased from existence, there would be only advancing the thinking, resulting in a book like intelligence that would be paranoid without having any social cues to rely upon. I think have issues in social areas might be the common understanding in this area of intelligence. That need to develop that type of social intelligence is the real issue that is causing the voices. They need to be reintegrated by dream study of Freud and Jung to start with, and various Gestalt and Adlerian therapies that relate these voices to their counterpart in the self, not just as a response to the voices, but to the people in the real world, and in the dreams, that they represent. These fragments of the core self could be dealt with socially, in real life, and to good effect for the individual and society.