Transcending Musical Genres

I had this thought to investigate my knowledge of musical attributes, the ones featured in Pandora’s Musical Genome Project, and are used to create custom stations that adapt to the preferences of choices of listeners.

I had this idea myself that possibly there are macro styles and micro styles.  There is only one macro style, which is organized noise, actual music.  All music can be defined this way.  The micro styles are the result of emotionality correlations, correspondences, similarities, and differences, which are all features of these musical attributes and the genre system.

Then I started researching this, and found this journal article and a website about it: – “The Song is You: Preferences for Musical Attribute Dimensions Reflect Personality” – “All Music Can Be Categorized by Just Three Attributes…” from Digital Music News.

I found an adequate theory, that improved both my understanding, and my taste in music, as well as appreciation in actual listening.