Correct, Incorrect

Correct, Incorrect

Instead of correcting everyone, and everything, with the iron will of a red marker, deleting, revising, and changing what people say to fit your view of them and yourself, consider responding only with “I understand, you are correct in that, I see your point of view, I appreciate the feedback, the way you practice is an actual way, your lifestyle is yours in truth, the things you say make me feel good, I like your kind of person, you are in fact the best at what you do,” etc.

Having self-importance is having an agenda and a point to defend.  The practice of losing self-importance is to realize that what one wants is not served by being right and correcting others.

If all you offer is positive feedback to everyone, over everything, there is no way to prove you wrong.  No one would need or want to, under any circumstance, because you are not just accommodating, but empowering them to communicate their truth. You become the best counselor, writer, mirror of men, worker, lover, adventurer.

When you stop wanting to be a mass hypnotist and try to hypnotize the whole world, you will realize that you are being hypnotized by the whole world.  And when you realize that you no longer need to reprimand the world for hypnotizing you, and making you feel that you are being proved wrong, in other words, having no point to defend, you will be able to do anything that anybody wants done, by being the ultimate servant of humankind.

Wanting to be hypnotized by everyone enables you to listen and learn.

Cunning as the lack of a point to defend.

Wanting to say “you are correct” every time someone else speaks does not help other people’s speech, or your own understanding of their speech.  Just because you have the right answer, does mean you have arrived at it through the reason in the textbook.

Wanting to realize that it is okay to agree to disagree, but only after validating the other person’s opinion of their view, might be a poor way to invest in a relationship.

Losing your individuality does not mean to cease being a person.  It means to cease being only one type of person, namely the kind that has to correct everyone else, seeing things only one way.  If you cease being one type of person only, you won’t forget your mission.  You’ll be able to serve everybody as a part of your mission, because everyone will see that you see the best in everybody else. 

Once you are not the same person all the time, you can be reached at the heart by everyone else.

Finding out who you are not just to yourself in honesty and truth, but to others when they prefer you over others, can be a benefit. Believing in yourself for who you are as a person to others, and a person to yourself, even if these are separate types of people to you asks a direct question to yourself. This may be a way of asking others if they would accept your reference to another person who specializes in what you are good at naturally or in your own imagination or dreams. It could be a selection of preference to find out which person in your dreams you identify most strongly with.

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  1. I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot lately, too. I appreciate and endorse your affirming approach to relationships!

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