Nature is Living Truth, Nature is the Pursuit of Truth

Nature is living truth.  Nature is also the pursuit of truth.

All intent to be a human in a way fitting to the species as a whole comes from a natural and living truth, if not also a divine and holy truth, revealed not by nature only, but nature and by God.

This world pretends to be its own maker.  It is a visitation beyond itself that is the world of divine revelation.

The world exists as itself.  It also exists as much more than itself, so much more, that we feel confident now in our knowledge that we of this planet are part of a Creation that is so vast as to say that the world exists in exponential growth of itself into an expansion of time that goes far beyond our present conception of number.

What governs the unbending intent of humanity towards its own species, and towards its own mysteries of the earth is that which could be, should be, and would be, if it needed to be, and will be.  These are for say-so principles that give us a mind in which to think our creation to have more than a genetic purpose, to understand that our world extends beyond that of our mind within our species.  Our species is not the only one that is known to be neurotic about sex, time, and power.  But our bodies are the extent of our understanding of these principles in our present state of civilization.  And our governing bodies can intend for us to know and understand these princples.

The sex of our species can understand itself and the sex of other species, and the sex of nature in a dream.

The world needs a sexual appetite for its mind and the species that think and can dream of the order making Mother Nature fit and right.

There is a mind which is active in the world, just as there is a mind that is active within the body.

There is a speculation of kinds that takes place regarding what only observation can affirm or deny.

If a person redefines work to be a form of play or love, or fantasy, that will be a purpose towards the fulfillment of a wish only, and likely, it is a wish for sex.