Heinrich Weisenheimer’s Vision for my Vicarious Experience as the Purpose of my Life

I had a dream that suggested that the purpose of life is my vicarious experience through books. Jim hates me because I wrote a non-fiction book.  He does not experience non-fiction as a vicarious experience, sufficient to purge him of the authority he seeks through writing his own.  His vicarious experience should be of a hero of his killing a book author who resembles me in a light peculiar to the author’s dreams and inner vision.

All of our inner demons need to be purged by the appropriate catharsis.  All our internal problems can be solved through dream stories.  I am indeed a dream scribe, of the kind that seeks to be divorced from the external forces of violent Thanatos and currently necessary sexual encounters.  I see that certain people who have made vicarious experiences public, in movies and books,  were indeed dream scribes as I am, following the tradition of catharsis of necessary vicarious experience.  The reason these people made movies was to reach the appropriate person without knowing who might be the one to see it all through his eyes’ vision of the future of our world.