Aphorisms for the Fatherhood of Lesser Children

Reclaiming a life of purity, can be daunting.  It is a spot-check on nature and the mind.  A person’s social reality is the social reality he or she grants others.

The religion is hell for awhile.  Someone has payment for sin.  It is the self.

The region of the audiovisual places that one can dream of makes the fear of him automatic.

There being someone else to take you away, the rule of the impossible reigns over us.

The realm of the impossible may come true.  In a way, it is for all.

The multiplicity of truth invents itself, in logic.

The landscape of dream coincides with one’s own inner vision.

The possibilities there include everyone.

Are you blind to the other side of the world?

The ways to turn on science can be yours.

There is a million dollar reward for something real.

The rubbing out by mark would reveal him to the lions.

Rationales don’t have that piece of me called a dream.

Truth is the way through the life of love and happiness.

A priori, the reason why has a name, and it is whispering in my ear something that speaks to me of my madness. Something that has no time or place within me.

What a design for life in the form of a planet! It is a description of its own imagination of living processes and growth.

Thousands of hours of dearth and prosperity come alive at the heart.

The delving into the hours of other people’s pain cannot yield the result of happiness or love.

The world is awaiting the actuality of its movement in progress and growth.

A mind beyond itself puts itself into an activity which beckons the senses to a purpose in beauty.

The directive of death takes love out of life.

Actuality seems not to be disproven by science.

Trying to draw eternity is like asking for a lesson from God.

The awakening it from the mind if love is the answer to its question.

The social reality itself has a consensus of its own rapport and examination.

What is this truth in mind that cannot be spoken into dreams, but speaks itself without dreams?

Is there a real thought that has a social reality?  Is a social form of thought even real?

The rule of death is not that death stings, or that death is inevitable.  It is the rule of love to outlive the grasp of any rule of death, to strengthen and encourage us to transcend the inevitable return.

Nell, the burlesque doll, is an image of a version of what could constitute a man’s social inclinations, were she to plea for her own funeral service before her time.

Mi punto de encaje, el infinito, no es una válvula de la percepción, no tiene ningún valor excepto sí mismo. No es una realidad social que ha validado la compatibilidad.

The truth of God does not speak of itself, it shows itself everywhere in heaven’s bliss.

The realities of mind over matter cannot have rule of mind and less that of matter.

The mind cannot encompass the extent of madness.  So mind goes beyond madness.

Someone sent the Lord to us.  The man left us with God.  Is that the extent of the trouble with humankind?

Things never happen to us that alleviate danger, except to extinguish all betrayal in the anguish of time.