Engrams and Civilization, Myself Included

The engrams that our culture’s sign conditioning stimuli are based on, and encourage righteousness and virtue, are not lies. They are norms. And they can function as mores also, if they are based on a realization of the individual function for the good of the group.
I’ve had lots of realizations that were not for the good of the corporation I worked for, the school that I attended, or the church I served.
I am putting them into a form in my comics writing and drawing that prescribes virtue and righteousness for the spheres of love and please, power and success, and all engrams that condition with signs the proper social significance of the individual’s duty for the good of the greatest number, and in his or her groups.
I do this because I am in the class of untouchables, whose main duty is to read and write and draw my way out of the darkness of mind, ignorance, and its delusion. A delusion is something that is an engram or realization that I choose to keep to myself, out of respect for group functioning. I share my realizations and delusions in comics form, out of duty and a sense of self-love for the group.
I hope to turn this to good ends of work some day. I want to get a job with a major corporation making comics. I think then that my love and pleasure on the side would be more duty-bound. Peace is the way to happiness.