Working for the Inner Child

The duty of devotion through work is nobler than love.  But is it right to work in the wrong job?  A job is wrong when it is done for some lower purpose than love or duty.  Can you rightfully dedicate yourself to a loved one when working for someone that expects rewards that are not for monetary gain?  If your inner child does not want to become a servant to baser desires, it will be hard to be loyal to an employer that implies this daily.  Also the employer who wants something immoral in exchange for money makes it hard to do the duty, because the nobler instincts want nothing of it. If you want money for love, you are a slave to desire.  If you want love for money, you are giving yourself to someone for unlawful encounters.  The work world demands money for refusal to listen to the inner child all too often.  How can the work world free the inner child?  It has to free it through work for the self, and the mind.