Homer and Comics

If Homer were a blind poet, as the myth suggests, who mentally generated stories without writing any of it, and began the oral recitation method, then the historical record is lacking the method by which he arrived at empathy and insight into the human condition in his poems.

Children need to see something to believe it. Children start seeing the concrete world of their existence, and giving names to all the things that they see and hence feel. Then they can construct conceptual emotions and conceptual speech to fit their expanded view of their environment.

If Homer were likewise, how did he see the things in his stories? Could he have imagined them by some method unknown to us? He could not have just written epic poems in his mind while doing chores in ancient Greece. He had to have had some form of insight that was based on what was a descriptive part of his reality.

This leads me to suspect that either he had an active imagination, that went off on its own, carrying his thoughts with him into the genetic stream of memories available to him, or he had some way of recording that enabled him to see his thoughts. I think he had a way of writing proper to telling stories, whether it was generated by other people, or just some sort of private notation.

Egypt had such methods, and it is likely in my opinion that Homer had some form of hieroglyphic writing memorized. He could tell stories in pictures. He could show himself depictions of scenes in a sequence. He could describe things that only his imagination could guide him to see, because he drew from his dreams, and his active imagination. He told the stories, because nobody else knew how to read or write, but this did not stop him. His art is lost, but his stories were later recorded generations later.

Was Homer a comic book artist? Are the comic book creators our blind seers of epic poetry?