Psychoanalysis of Good Will Hunting

In the movie Good Will Hunting, the character Will Hunting is playing a game with death. He is at war with society, and himself. He asks the question, “What is worth living for?” I think at the beginning his answer is that there is only nature, and monkeys having play is the meaning of a certain death. Does nature go beyond death? Is play a monkey nature beyond death? Can he stare straight into the face of his own death and still play the game of war against society? The will against society and the game that Will Hunting is playing is just a game that is human, and a part of nature. He is split into these two views of nature. I think by the end of the movie, he has realized his humanity, and reconciled his shadow being and its nature of playing this game with his future death and why he needs others than himself to love and work well, and to give his life a meaning that it cannot have all by itself.  I think by the end of the movie, Will Hunting and the audience have realized that love is stronger than death, and life is meaningless without it.