Wealth Theory and Responsibility of Gifts of Work as Freedom

Power at the expense of freedom is not really power, it is slavery.  Power forces a person into a negative relationship with those who promise more power, a power that is greater than can be earned by those whose being is always less powerful than those who control the source of that power hierarchy.  Staying at the bottom of an inverse power hierarchy to those who control the giving and taking of such power, is slavery.

Work is a gift of time and energy to help others’ plight improve, in unconditional support of upward mobility and advancement of merit and character.

When there is no way to give work to others, and there is only compulsory labor for the benefit of a hierarchy of control, there is no freedom in having power, no matter the position or status in such a system of control.

Without free enterprise, there is no earning or giving of power or privilege without constraints that remove the quality of life to such a status as slavery to such power as an illusion of wealth and privilege that is not self-sustaining and generative.

There is nothing wrong with gifts of work for the purpose of improving the quality of one’s life, even if one attains to nothing more than mutual respect and benefit to one’s character.

It is not work that relieves one of freedom.  It is wanting to succeed by getting something for nothing that makes one a slave.

You must all let people like me give the gift of works of art, so as to preserve the free enterprise system of the American capitalist system, which is based on an ethic of fair exchange.  Please do not expect artists to want to gain something for nothing and be overnight successes at something which has no merit or character.  Artists live for the freedom to make generative and self-sustaining enterprises, as a gift of work to a system of status and privilege based on reciprocal wealth and mutual benefit and respect.

Work, not power, is freedom and art.  Power, not work, is slavery and fear.