Empty Space and Lost Civilizations

The women are interested in providing for the mechanics and their bosses. The men believe in making space ships, and the space ships don’t work. We are ruled by a war ape that is sort of territorial and absurd.

My mother recognizes me nonetheless. I think my father believes in some story about the future that cannot come true. I don’t see any other solution than just to learn my alphabet and go to work.

I’m disillusioned, but that is the way I want to be, for the time being. I need to reconsider the human species’ aims. People get lost in spirituality, just like they get lost in crime.

I wish people could get excited about some useful abstractions.

I want them to explore the world of ideas, but they seem only fascinated by tools that have no real usefulness now, like automotive technology and sounds that are just shapes, that can only be felt as erotic.

The will to colonize is what my dad believed in. I seem to agree that it is possible, but what is required of us to make that happen? I could cause them to see through and become disillusioned about everything that is earthly life. That would be the destroyer aspect of creative vision.

I could paint pictures of life as it happens towards that goal, in a dramatic picture of what life should be like in the 21st century.

We need to motivate workers to build a colony. I could paint a picture of the way life will be once that the colony is built, far overshooting the goal, so that these people become disillusioned with their lives in a way that makes them want more from the future. But does this motivate them to do work in the here and now, for the present system, or does this instill in them a hope that is not yet real?

What does this all lead to? There is a big emptiness in the sky. Should we fill it with people? We would lose a lot of lives that way. But we might be helped by unseen hands. It might fit with a pattern of belief for a way forward for our species. It might be a big emptiness up there in outer space. But it might be a chance to rebuild our society to change it at the social base. We could use the dread of the void to remove our ancient fears and aggression that don’t have survival value in the big unknown.

What do we want to take out there? We can’t take much with us, without losing it in the disillusionment of our new working knowledge of how things work where there is no comfort from many religions or from ideals that have to be reforged or broken with forever. There will be a show of light and sound that rivals anything that we have dreamed of so far, just in looking at the planets in passing by that we have coveted and will earn our way towards.

The goal is a mature foundational science that can tackle the problems as well as give the many benefits of empirical knowledge in the face of the unknown.