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The universalist position on religion is that any spiritual source of knowledge when applied to life is better than mere knowledge, and is a source of wisdom.  Further, a universalist describes that anything spiritual is something wiser than something that

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Scripts We Live by Claude Steiner – Review

Scripts We Live by Claude Steiner on Google Books. I highly recommend this book.  It will change the implicit covert psychological scripts in your family with healthy and self-directed explicit social scripts that are written by you.  You will no

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Human Energy Fields

Can you see others’ aura or energy fields?  I am highly skeptical about this subject, but my query begins with the question “What will people do when there is a scarcity or low supply to their human energies?” I recommend

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The Logic of Humankind

When the wisest ask “Why?” they want to know the meaning of life. Aesthetic, ontological, metaphysical, ethical, existential, personological, rhetorical, poetical, and political answers to this question are of interest on the chance that the quest for truth be aided

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In a Dream our Memory is Stored

This segment is from my journal this evening: “In a dream our memory is stored.”  The third density experience is to work on issues relating to death.  What are the best ways to realize what death means?  What does it

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Energetic Ethics

Being good relates to karma, as does energetic ethical economics.  How are we feeling energetically that something is an unethical exchange or intention, or deed?  How do we know what is right from wrong at that basic energetic level? Does

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Aesthetics of Ugliness as Absence of all Beauty

The aesthetics of paranormality as a disorder is a society of Elephant humankind.  The paranormal world is the disorder of those who want to remove their appreciation of beauty, and in turn, enhance their appreciation of ugliness.  It is valid

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