Resume 29 June 2017.  This is my LinkedIn Profile, which has up to date work and education history.  I am looking for a place of employment that will offer me a chance to sit in a room with my Macbook Pro and code and design for several hours every day.  That would be most ideal for me, and potentially for your business. I need a job so I can fund my social life, for which, I am mercilessly unavailable until I am gainfully employed. If I was unemployable, my calling would remain the same.

“Urban design contributes to the distribution of political power and resources in cities. “Design,” in this view, is not some value-neutral aesthetic applied to efforts at urban development but is, instead, an integral part of the motives driving that development.”  – Prof. Lawrence Vale, MIT

Design literacy is a functional set of rules towards the work of making meaning out of audio and visual symbols and concepts, not the aimless engineering of distractions.  I am not concerned whether I hold a job or not.  I aim at doing work for a personal and corporate reason, in the community in which I live and breathe. I’m seeking to design and draw commercial art as a product related service.  What this means to me is an attempt at the symbolization of the universe applied to the social world.

I believe in the marriage of art and technology as a design service that focuses on deliverables and processes with social practice and impact.

I do my part in the community making things like art, music, literature, code, and other types of projects.  This is my inventory of knowledge, skills, publications, performances, and projects.

Knowledge and Project Inventory:

  • published books on, and Amazon publishing company.
  • learned how to use a Wacom Cintiq pen screen tablet.
  • learned to create art in digital and traditional media using an optical scanner and drawing tools for the studio and computer arts.
  • learned to install and operate Linux, Macintosh, and Windows computers.
  • learned how to operate a UNIX shell account on the educational service unit’s server. Learned how to upload to internet ftp servers.  Learned how to operate a UNIX Internet Relay Chat (IRC) program remotely via modem.
  • learned how to use Adobe Spark Post for designs as Facebook and Linked-In covers.
  • participated in the international demoscene by composing computer music using software such as Scream Tracker, Fast Tracker, and Impulse Tracker.
  • survived the rounds of elimination contest called “Pummel” at com, which is a site where artists and writers of comic books meet and collaborate online.
  • learned music composition and scoring using Cubase and Renoise.
  • learned music recording and mixing using a computer running Cubase and samplers, synthesizers, and drum machines
  • learned Adobe Lightroom and making photographic pigment-based prints on the Canon Pixma Pro-10 printer.
  • did video training from Total Training for the Adobe Creative Suite CS2.
  • learned how to use a tripod with a video camera.
  • learned how to use Adobe Premiere to make a short film.
  • learned how to design websites, including many of my own sites.
  • Can demonstrate working knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3.

Performances and Projects

  • experimental television noise installations at the Medusa Project Gallery.
  • performed electronic music at the Cog Factory in Omaha, Nebraska.
  • Poetry reading at various venues in Portland, Oregon.
  • Participated in two Poetry Slams in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • artworks for medusa project gallery.
  • Wrote informal poetry collections.
  • Wrote extensive dream journals.
  • paintings for family members.
  • made brochures for visual art to distribute at gallery openings on first Fridays at downtown Omaha.
  • made postcards for mail art subscribers featuring my visual art.
  • made work for Metropolitan Community College visual art classes.
  • worked on gallery showings at the Medusa Project Gallery at downtown Omaha from 1997-1998.
  • Fiction and non-fiction books on
  • uncensored journals on
  • published comics on Facebook and other Social Media.
  • made many sketch diaries.
  • made flyers for events public and private.