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I have just released the book which features the last year’s blog posts.  Now you can own a copy of the posts, in chronological order, in perfect bound paperback format.  I hope this book gives you a chance to get caught up on the blog’s posts when you are offline.

I have just opened my store to the public on the internet. It is called ArtBox Studio Store, and there is a link on the menu at the top of this page, directly underneath the Twelfth Mansion Media logo.  Please check out the selection of artwork for sale.  I sell paintings and prints, as well as digital assets.  Please bookmark it and come back often.

If you want your transactions to be SSL encrypted, protected by the new Secure Socket Layer protocol, you will have to update your bookmark to the main site as follows: “https://www.twelfthmansion.com” instead of only the “http://www.twelfthmansion.com.” The new HTTPS designer the secure layer of protection from those who would steal your credit card information while making transactions on my store.  If you visit the site with the new HTTPS protocol, and you go to the store from the menu, or typing it in with the HTTPS, you will have this SSL encryption while you shop.  You have to update the bookmark manually.  If you use the bookmark button on your browser, it will save the bookmark as the regular site, unless you re-type the name of the site with HTTPS in the address bar, and then reload the page, check to make sure the padlock is visible next to the URL, and then click the bookmark button.  You will then have two bookmarks this way, so you will have to manually look to see which one is the right one, and then delete the other one.

Welcome to Twelfth Mansion Media’s Blog, to all of you readers.  I believe everyone is a reader and wants to be informed. Each of you is a reader of mine, a netizen reader.  You are each a reader for your own reasons, with your own ideas and vision. You can become whoever you want to be, as a reader of mine.  My goal is to write myself futilely attempting to impress my readers.  I hope you can enjoy these writings.  In fact, I hope to put these writings into your hands in a form that can be translated and shared with you, held close to your heart, and passed on to those you care most about.  Please share this work with your friends, and maybe that will be the way for those close to your heart to care for you too.

This site is a showing of my curated content, diverse arts, philosophical, and science related media that I believe will be of interest to you in your search for another point of view. I think you will want me to post only the most relevant work that I do to a blog styled website.  It is so much simpler, direct, and personal, than the traditional business website.

Twelfth Mansion Media is a sole proprietorship in Nebraska, owned and operated by Scott McLay Forbes, who acts as the editor in chief of the company.

Disclamer #1:

There is information about mental illness in the articles and materials here, and it is always presented from the perspective offered by psychology and psychiatry.  I do not agree with nor endorse any form of immorality, obscenity, profanity, or violence. Norm breaking deviance is always discussed in terms of adherence to the ethical code of a law abiding mentality and behavioral adjustments.  If someone acts on an immoral fantasy, I disclaim any responsibility, as such an act of deviance is a result of that person’s proneness to fantasy and their prurient interest or due to a lack of a proper conscience, including spiritual guidance from their family, religious and secular authorities. None of this material is advice, and none of it intends to counter any acceptable practice of counseling or any psychotherapists’ advice.  I have my share of issues, and I hope you can use the knowledge of this blog to help you with whatever you are encountering on your path through existence at this time.

It can easily be established that people who are fantasy prone and act on their prurient or aggressive interests are not very friendly, and are not to be taken seriously as compatriots in good standing, or even friends.  This is because there is little fellow-feeling in people of any kind, and frankly because of immoral sentiments, such as those that are on display these days in our cities. If two or more people do not have a moral sentiment that supports a code of ethics that supports, includes, and encourages lawfulness, there can be no fellow-feeling on those terms, and hence, no real basis for lasting relationships such as friendship.  You cannot build a friendship on an immoral foundation. I am looking forward to a time in which my works of fantasy and science fiction, as well as my art and design projects, can be reviewed by those who do not act out their prurient and aggressive fantasies.  Then we will have a return to being decent human beings whose sentiments, out of camaraderie, can begin the work of building relationship bonds that are based on knowledge of such things that are often in the company only of those people who are not only bodily, but have souls, or even those whose company can only be found among those with loftier spiritual aspirations, such as religious authorities, who give their lives in service to their higher power.

Disclaimer #2:

When the male audience sees a comic book figure of a woman, how well realized the face is drawn, such that the viewer, seeing her picture would recognize what individual personality she was transfigured by and for whom and whatnot, and how feared or loved she might be by mankind, might be an accurate guide to the art of said comic, and also a credit to the character of any woman.

A symbolist interpretation of a woman’s face and features can reveal details about character such as those that surmise emotions and drives of the male audience. I think the goal of the art of a comic book, as well as that of the writing, is to elevate the character of a woman above that of a graphic depiction of her drives and emotions, to an appreciation of her role and status in the civilization being depicted in the work.

How to interpret cartoon pictures of women, is to invite contrast with the other arts.  Seeing women how the church sees them, and how feminists see them, regarding not beauty, drive, or emotion, but truth and substantial character involvement in a role that is not determined by such things as the qualities of her beauty, her emotions and drives. Instead a woman’s role in a comic should be defined by such things as her character development in terms of personality types and traits, her role within the drama, the extent to the depth that her substantial role is crucial to plot development, and not as an adornment or ornament to a male role.

The strong female protagonist gives a predominantly male audience a likable reason to buy the book, but not a really valid reason to read comics as literature for a purpose that is moral and has lasting conceptual and moral merit aside from its visual spectacle of world-building, scenery, costume, and backdrop.

Is the character of women in morality similar to or different from the figure of a woman as a personality with conceptual and moral merit? Is there a rationale for a woman’s “look?” Or is there a merit to drawing logic of the form and aesthetic of images that show not exact depictions, or photo-real impressions, or even surreal or abstract caricatures? What guides do women give the artist in terms of aesthetic philosophy regarding the woman in artistic works?

Women might be satisfied with a less than depictive strategy, citing references such as the Islamic ban on representations of people in the artwork, or the Bible’s references to the commandment prohibiting graven images.  Can a woman’s image be other than a graven image then, or other than an abstract shape that only signifies the mathematical beauty of the color and pattern used, not the real or the figurative aspects of who women are perceived by men to be, transfigured as they are, mostly through the use of graphic depictions that show men that women are only objects of lust?

My rule of thumb is, if God is displeased with the depiction of a woman in a comic book or work of art, then it is for a logical reason.  And my thesis then depends upon the fact that the Catholic and Protestant churches, do in fact have sacred depictions of women. Then, the question of whether any depiction of a woman’s figure is absolutely a graven image is possibly already decided by our traditions and historical precedent.  And for another example, there is the example of the obvious hypocrisy of watching movies and loathing anything else, especially material that one finds objectionable because of the culture of admirers or fans surrounding its production and display, such as is evident at comic book conventions, swirling with people of questionable interests in the promotion and sales of such works.

So if a comic book woman is drawn crudely, in a lewd or suggestive manner, and this reflects poorly upon women, or upon the creators of the work in question, perhaps it should not be proscribed against by the whole community against the whole medium and all creators of all works.  This would be issuing a blanket statement, an over-generalization, and a grave injustice to the maturity of some who might be questioned instead of other merits to their works, such as their private views on women, or how the women are treated in their works, than as an example of what men should be imitating, as acting out their fantasy prone, and yet, unavoidable biological drives, instincts, and emotions.

Other odds and ends:

Feel free to contact me. Whatever it is that you need from me, the best way to get it is to contact me directly via email.

I’ve read a lot of advice on getting visitors to an arts website to click on buttons that charge money in exchange for artwork. While I think you might be interested in ordering prints, I do not have the delivery system required to sell prints online. The next best thing is to become a subscriber to my newsletter, so that you can receive notices of new content, and buying options. Please type in your email address on the link at the bottom of the page.

If you can’t subscribe to my newsletter, there is the following information:

I offer a range of imaging and inscription services, and can make photo-quality prints of any image that you see on this site.  I charge on a per hour basis for any web design consultancy or image making that you need.  My fee is $20.00 per hour.  I am a portrait imaginist, and if you have a photo that I can use for reference, I can make paintings or drawings in any medium of the person specified. I would like to receive a photo and then use a transparency to create new images using photos. For instance, I would like to take a photo of you and draw you in an astronaut costume, just as an example. I cannot sit down and do a portrait from life if you live outside the Omaha metropolitan area. However, I love doing life drawings and portraits are my favorite kind.  If you live in Omaha, please contact me.  You can hire me for any project that involves fine art, imaging, inscription, print or web publishing.  Check my contact page for ways to get in touch.

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  1. Cool logo! As a calligrapher, I find it especially attractive and compelling. I love your website and your ethos, Scott!

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