Editorial Policy on Mental Illness and the Moral Faculty and Sentiments

There is information about mental illness in the articles and materials here, and it is always presented from the perspective offered by psychology and psychiatry.  I do not agree with nor endorse any form of immorality, obscenity, profanity, or violence. Norm breaking deviance is always discussed in terms of adherence to the ethical code of a law abiding mentality and behavioral adjustments.  If someone acts on an immoral fantasy, I disclaim any responsibility, as such an act of deviance is a result of that person’s proneness to fantasy and their prurient interest or due to a lack of a proper conscience, including spiritual guidance from their family, religious and secular authorities. None of this material is advice, and none of it intends to counter any acceptable practice of counseling or any psychotherapists’ advice.  I have my share of issues, and I hope you can use the knowledge of this blog to help you with whatever you are encountering on your path through existence at this time.

It can easily be established that people who are fantasy prone and act on their prurient or aggressive interests are not very friendly, and are not to be taken seriously as compatriots in good standing, or even friends.  This is because there is little fellow-feeling in people of any kind, and frankly because of immoral sentiments, such as those that are on display these days in our cities. If two or more people do not have a moral sentiment that supports a code of ethics that supports, includes, and encourages lawfulness, there can be no fellow-feeling on those terms, and hence, no real basis for lasting relationships such as friendship.  You cannot build a friendship on an immoral foundation.  I am looking forward to a time in which my works of fantasy and science fiction, as well as my art and design projects, can be reviewed by those who do not act out their prurient and aggressive fantasies.  Then we will have a return to being decent human beings whose sentiments, out of camaraderie, can begin the work of building relationship bonds that are based on knowledge of such things that are often in the company only of those people who are not only bodily, but have souls, or even those whose company can only be found among those with loftier spiritual aspirations, such as religious authorities, who give their lives in service to their higher power.