Loving by Design, the Instincts and the Spirit

This article is written for men to know the reality of what goes on in this world.  I had a dream about this, so I thought I would share what I journaled after I awoke from sleep.

Men, the women of this world have the interest of the struggle for survival.

Women, if there is only the physical world, are only interested in the destructive instinct.  Love does not by itself make much sense to a woman in the world. Worldly women want to see a man’s destructive urge attempting to compete for survival.  But in that schema there is no competition for what is of the order of the spiritual, what is higher, better, truer, in short, virtuous.

If a man wishes death, he can love, but the woman of the world will not love him much unless he can take the violence of other men in stride and risk death for her.  “To the death of me! My life is meaningless without you, so I might as well fight to the death with my male competitor for your favor,” says the man. I think women don’t win male prizes, they are won by men.  But what they do win is the spoils of war. Yes, in that view, women are nothing but money and trouble.  That is without love.

What we do is hate each other.  But we do it for love.

Or what we do is love each other.  But we do it out of hate.

It is the inherent paradox of our human nature, it is the duality of our species.

Can we carve love out of love?  We need knowledge to do this.

There is a special kind of love, which is work-love.  I say that I work when my love becomes creative.  I work out of knowledge of spirit, and I call that action that results work-love.

And that is a love of work.  If that love fails to be spiritual, then it fails the test against male aggression.  Work is based on knowledge of the spirit. That is also a type of love, creativity-love.  It is the work of the spirit.  

There is the duality of love and hate.  Loving and Hating are both spiritual realities.  They are both bonds.  They both stem from aggression.  How does a person be an aggressive lover, and avoid being an aggressive hater?  What is the name for aggression that is loving? Design, and designing.  Designing love.