If it is kind to yourself, it is kind to him

They say that if you live by the sword, you will die by the sword. That is true, but I don’t have to have the result of dying by the sword in order to live for a higher purpose in life. I can die by civilization by living by civilization.

So, live by civilization, die by civilization.

I am concerned about the result of world salvation.  I am not saving the world for world salvation, I am saving the world for loving kindness towards myself.  It is the truest thing about me, my self-love by creativity.

If you are kind towards yourself in all the ways you have been hurt and are suffering, you can say to your abusers, “Thank you, despite your intent.” You can do that just by being kind to yourself.  It is a way of being grateful for the chance to challenge yourself to face that internal trauma.

If it is kind to yourself, it is kind to him.

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