I am a trustee of state. As such, I have been sponsored by a federal aid program, in order to facilitate public education through the arts. Here is some of my music. I wrote this music to facilitate the release of the psychotropic medications that are administered to the people in the federal prison system’s “Service of Hope” program. These are triggers designed to harness the awareness of reflectivity and truth in the brain of those who need musical stimulation. I hope this catches all those forms of criminal insanity disorders and treats them with as much sympathy as possible. It may help you with where you are in your life right now. So enjoy!

Ode to a Nightingale by Scott McLay Forbes – Download MP3

Schizoaffective Narrators by Scott McLay Forbes – Download MP3

r3q 002 – “Standby for Operator” by Scott McLay Forbes.  Originally released on cassette tape in 1997.  This was my second recording project.

01. The Man

02. The Range of Motion

03. Definition of Ersatz

04. Chalk Outline

05. All by Myself

06. The Cool Players

07. The Situation of the Grotesque

08. Star Path Moon Stop

09. Drive Mechanism

10. For the Sake of Policing Police

11. Typing Tutors

12. Assemblage of Record Hisses

r3q 020 – “Rival State” by Scott McLay Forbes.  Written in 2009, using Cubase 5 LE.

01. Autogenic Selfhood

02. Anguish of Professor Moot Point